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High Temperature Bearings
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High Temperature Bearing


Victor® high temperature bearings are made from heat-resistant, highly-rigid, rust-proof alloy steel or porcelain materials. Its reasonable inner structure scale, precisions and surface completely conform to international standard boundary dimensions, high precisions, the surface qualification and the structure deformation, which are strictly different from other ordinary roller and plain bearings with the cage or full-scroll style. Compared with the ordinary bearings, its hardness can be within HRC60-68 and heat-resistant up to 300, 500 or 800 with more bearing, oxidation-resistant, cautery-proof, highly-rigid, attrition-resistant, highly-colliding-resistant, occlusive, slick and bright surface. Additionally, T00000C is self-lubricated, esp. T00000 of the low-speed ones can still work well without the lubrication. Therefore, its load capacity is 1.4 times bigger than the ordinary ones and its avarage lifetime is over 5 times longer than the ordinary ones.  Our high temperature bearings are super if used in vehicles, heat engines, porcelains, plastics, concretes, rolled brick, glasses, fire-resistant materials, desiccation, vacuum, metallurgy, chemistry and other heat-treatment work for metal or self-generating-heat mechnical facilities.
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